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Building Acronyms Page

Building Acronyms (Courses) | Registrar | York University
Acronym Building Name
ACE Accolade Building East
ACW Accolade Building West
AO Archives of Ontario
ATK Atkinson
BC Norman Bethune College
BCSS Bennett Centre for Student Services
BRG Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence
BSB Behavioural Sciences Building
BU Burton Auditorium
CB Chemistry Building
CC Calumet College
CFA The Joan & Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts
CFT Centre for Film and Theatre
CLH Curtis Lecture Halls
CMB Computer Methods Building
CSQ Central Square
CUB Central Utilities Building
DB Dahdaleh Building (formerly TEL)
ELC Executive Learning Centre
FC Founders College
FL Frost Library (Glendon campus)
FRQ Farquharson Life Sciences
FTC Founders Tennis Court
GH Glendon Hall (Glendon campus)
HC Lorna R. Marsden Honours Court & Welcome Centre
HH Hart House (Osgoode Hall Law School)
HNE Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building
HR Hilliard Residence (Glendon campus)
IKB Ignat Kaneff Building (Osgoode Hall Law School)
K Kinsmen Building
KT Kaneff Tower
LAS Lassonde Building
LMP LA&PS @ IBM Markham
LSB Life Sciences Building
LUM Lumbers Building
MB Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building
MC McLaughlin College
OC Off Campus (contact the department that offers the course)
PR Physical Resources Building
PSE Petrie Science and Engineering Building / Petrie Observatory
R N Ross Building - North wing
R S Ross Building - South wing
SAY Seneca @ York
SC Stong College
SCL Scott Library
SHR Sherman Health Science Research Centre
SLH Stedman Lecture Halls
SSB Seymour Schulich Building
ST Sheridan College - Trafalgar Campus
STC Student Centre
STL Steacie Science and Engineering Library
TC Tennis Canada (Aviva Centre)
TEL Technology and Enhanced Learning Building (effective summer 2016, Dahdaleh Building, DB)
TFC Track and Field Centre
TM Tait Tait McKenzie Centre (East/West)
TTC Tait Tennis Courts
VC Vanier College
VH Vari Hall
WC Winters College
WOB West Office Building
WSC William Small Centre
YH York Hall (Glendon campus)
YL York Lanes
YSF FLDHSE York Student Fieldhouse (East/West) (Tait McKenzie Building)
YSF FLDHSEE York Student Fieldhouse (East side only) (Tait McKenzie Building)
YSF FLDHSEW York Student Fieldhouse (West side only) (Tait McKenzie Building)

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