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SC/BIOL 3140 4.00   Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Laboratory

(Crosslisted to: SC/BCHM 3140 4.00)

Course Description:

Research techniques used in biochemistry and molecular biology, including recombinant DNA technology, are illustrated. Purification of a restriction endonuclease; isolation and mapping of bacterial plasmids, bacteriophage and recombinant molecules; polymerase chain reaction (PCR ); nucleic acid hybridization. Enrolment restricted. One lecture hour, six laboratory hours two days per week, plus additional laboratory hours throughout the week. One term. Four credits. Prerequisite or corequisite: SC/BIOL 3110 3.00 or SC/BCHM 3110 3.00. SC/BIOL 3130 3.00 or SC/BCHM 3130 3.00 strongly recommended as a prerequisite or corequisite.

Language of Instruction:


Course Schedule:

Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Schedule

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